Played a game ? Read a story ? Watched a movie ?

Do you need someone to explain the story to you if the script/story was intentionally presented in a vague way ?

Some writers like to leave the story open to interpretations, as it stimulates discussions and the very interesting thing is that different people will see different things from the same story/game/movie and the story/game/movie will live on in their mind/heart for a much long while.

But many people won’t be satisfied with that and they always ask for an explanation from the creators. I guess that’s a good thing for them but an explanation is not necessarily a good thing for others.

I’d say they should leave it as it is, and in term of games I think Team ICO has done a very good job on both ICO and SOTC/WATC for not spilling the beans. And for sure not making a direct sequel to ICO (which usually selects a fixed path to the old game) is also considered a good thing to me.

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