Firebird – a great and free RDBMS

Currently in 2.0 Release Candidate 2, it is a rather good RDBMS developed from Borland’s InterBase Open Source Edition.

It has both a full RDBMS server and an embedded server (for embedded applications), it is one of my most used RDBMS other than MySQL (which is considered free to an extent), the other embedded SQL compliant RDBMS that I use is VistaDB VCL edition, but it is not as fast as the embedded Firebird in my own tests (simple inserts and delete), and it’s documentation is just average.

The tool that I use with MySQL is MicroOLAP’s DAC for MySQL, but the insert performance (through Append … FieldByName … Post … cycle) is awfully slow, you’d rather roll your own batch SQL transactions than using it’s VCL components for insertion.

And most of the time those tools/components that claim to be compliant to Delphi/C++Builder has little to no code sample on C++Builder. It seems like the C++Builder versions are just step children of the tools/components for the money.

And BTW, if you didn’t realize it already, I use Borland C++Builder 6.0 as my main development tool on Windows Platform.

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