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Bought PAL Silent Hill 4 X-BOX recently

Only 3 more versions of Silent Hill 4 to complete my collection of major releases of Silent Hill games. Stupid collectors’ instinct. 😆

Might also get the Silent Hill Experience interactive movie on PSP.

Gotta get Shadow Hearts From The New World US version later on.

Imported all old journal entries

The old Blog will be scrapped.

Hope you like my new (but still boring) Blog. 🙂

Finally started a real blog with WordPress

Easy to use and admin, pretty good, the old one will be gone soon.

Still haven’t had time to migrate and re-do the Silent Hill and Soul Calibur II pages to ZOG, kinda busy these days.

Have been selling stuffs lately

Quite a bit of them, games, comics, books, franchised goods. No space is one of the factors, the other one is that they probably won’t be touched in the near future and I have lost interest in them. Keeping them will just be a waste.