Do not buy HITACHINO NEST beers

Do not buy beers from HITACHINO NEST (常陸野ネスト) !!! They are pricey (comparable to good Belgian beers) and they are jokingly stupid tasting beers.

Taiwan Trip 2010

Long overdue vacation incoming …

Will be out of town for a week, hopefully all enjoyable moments with my family.

Trying to lose weight lately, have been drinking too much (beer, mostly) and my belly is growing steadily.

Google Chrome, the fastest browser in the world

Started using it since it was first released, never disappointed me a bit, blazing fast and performance increases with every update.

FireFox is playing catch up so far, IE, …, forget about it. Safari, more like an alien when not on the Mac, and with Apple’s arrogance and always in denial when there is a problem, who would trust their products.

灰羽連盟 Blu-ray BOX

灰羽連盟 Blu-ray BOX

One of my very favourite anime in Blu-ray.

edit: The picture quality is just average, just like an up-scaled DVD and that’s all. Not worth buying !!!

Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP, still playing it at least 3-4 times a week

The save game says 272 hours, hand-held console is so convenient when you just want to pick-up and play. Finished each and every missions (include all the released DLCs), still couldn’t complete all weapons for both the tank and the soldiers.

The next game that will take similar amount of time from me may be Sudoku on PSP that I started playing recently.

Apple, again.

Still hate the company so much, even the products are pretty good, until the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 is more like usual smartphones, which are medicore at best. I wanted the leak to be wrong, but it was right. Hah ! I have more hope for such an arrogant company but the product is just medicore.

I will always be in a controversy on Apple since I love it as much as my hate on it. It is innovative and it is so arrogant. I checked the MacBook time and time again, but I will not accept such a hardware at such a price, it is so heavy, but people take like it was a fashion.

Microsoft is just a dumb company doing dumb businesses, not much about hate since they are simply too stupid to be hated. I will still use their products since they are a bit more “convenient” (Rest assured, I paid for my license to use them).

Back to head gear, Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

It’s been 3 years since I sold my STAX SRS-4040 Signature System and Sennheiser HD600 w/Cardas cable. I’m back again, but am not looking for some fancy sound output, just neutral reproduction is perfectly fine since I had given up fancy audio gears and all my audio gears are Pro gears nowadays.

I am happy with the 380 so far, hopefully it gets even better after running for more hours.

The freaking “No more heroes” X360 still hangs after the patch, damn !

What have you done, feelplus ?!! Is this all you’ve got on the X360 ? I haven’t encountered any problem with the original PS3 version (without the recently released patch) even after playing through it 3 times.

edit: What ! Hang again ! WTF !??

edit: Ok, 60 hours playtime, hang 2 times on the X360 even after the patch. That’s all about it. Going to sell it when it still has a good price.

No More Heroes, X360 and PS3

Completed PS3 version 3 times, completed X360 version 1 time, going for the 2nd round.

Loading time is super long on the X360, even with the game  installed on HDD.