NETGEAR R7000 and Tomato

Bought myself a brand new NETGEAR R7000 to replace my old LinkSys E3000, tested for a day, then tried the Tomato mods on it.

Victek’s RAF Tomato mod with all my usual settings resulted in a iptables script error and no access to Internet. (Didn’t bother to solve that my own, although I am also a *nix guy)

Back to Genie (Original firmware), but missed all the stuffs that I had with Tomato, decided to try Tomato once more with Shibby’s mod.

Shibby’s mod on R7000 is running without a hitch, no more iptables script error. I am gonna run it for a few more days before deciding whether to go back to Genie (most likely to stick with Shibby’s mod, though, it is pretty stable).


Gigabyte Celeron N2807 BRIX

Bought it to replace my years old Sony VAIO notebook running Ubuntu Server (which its fan has become noisy these days).

Normal state CPU temperature under 60 degree Celsius, not bad.


My favourite albums/composer/artists so far

Haven’t been writing anything on my own blog than facebook these years, I’ll list my favourites so far, they hadn’t changed much in the past 10 years

ICO from 大島ミチル

ワンダと巨像 大地の咆哮 from 大谷幸

灰羽連盟 ハネノネ from 大谷幸

Silent Hill (series) from 山岡晃

BTW, my favourite piece of music was still “Promise” by 山岡晃.

Data corruption on my OCZ Vector

I haven’t had much luck with SSD, my Intel 510 died (first data corruption, then no data can be read), at least SYNNEX gave me a brand new 520.

I then went with an OCZ Vector, starting to have data corruption these weeks, and I think it is going to die very soon, too.

Now back on the replacement Intel SSD 520.

Intel SSD 510 120G, stopped working

It died right before my planned upgrade, and had turned into a paper weight that needs to be sent back to Intel.

Jelly Bean

My Galaxy Nexus has just been OTA upgraded to Jelly Bean, the interface is much smoother and that’s about it so far.

It is still missing some basic phone functions, e.g. voice/call recording, you still have to download an App from the Store to do it.

Google Now is not exactly useful to me.


Goodbye, Nokia E6-00

Replaced (and sold) my Nokia E6-00 with a Galaxy Nexus.

It works fine before the update (Symbian Anna), everything went downhill after the update (Symbian Belle).

There is no way to downgrade, as a last resort, I use the abandoned Sony’s Xperia X8 (of my wife) and installed some modded ROM to see whether Android is a platform that I can use everyday. And I think it still lacks quite a bit from an old time Nokia phone user, but there are a lot of apps to complement the base facilities.

The price of the Galaxy Nexus unexpectedly dropped 30% today,  took the plunge, bought one and traded in my Nokia E6-00.

I really miss the keyboard, though.

ICO/Wander and the Colossus collection

Got mine on 22nd Sep, played through ICO twice and now playing Wander and the Colossus.

They remind me of the old days, ICO is such a beautiful game. SOTC feels a bit better than the original overall (especially on its framerate).

Enjoying every moment with them, and looking forward to 3D mode after getting Sony’s HMD before end of this year.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Riela and Imca Nendroid figures

Seen both of them (2 x each)  at a local store, but decided against buying them since the bonus PSP mission code would not be in any of them.

Bought Nendroid Riela after knowing that the code is a feature of the standard product. The crow bar (after beating the Ace and the mission) is the strongest anti-tank “Explosive sword” type weapon.

PS3 data transfer utility … extreeeeeemely slow

Bought  a new Classic White 320G PS3 (3012B LW) , have started transferring for almost 6 hours, still at 67% …

edit: finally done after transferring for almost 10 hours.