My PS3 games collection has not grown much

Have only bought 3 games since my last post on PS3 games collection.

My updated collection of PS3 games
– GUNDAM Target in Sight (Asian, bundled or forced)
– Virtua Fighter 5 (JP)
– Gundum Mousou (JP)
– Ninja Gaiden Sigma (JP) + All add on packs
– Minna no golf 5 (JP)
– Shin Sangoku Mousou 5 (JP)
– Folklore (Asian, Chinese/English)
– Folks Soul (JP) + All add on packs
РUncharted Drake’s Fortune (US)
– Ridge Racer 7 (JP)
– PS3 LocoRoco on PSN (Asian)
– Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (JP)
– Devil May Cry 4 (JP)
– Heavenly Sword (JP)

3 Responses to “My PS3 games collection has not grown much”

  • ahh… now i’m gonna wait for more games before i brought in my own ps3. currently only dmc4 on my list.

  • Do the best thing sell it while you still can find a chump to buy it. Then take the money and buy a new High end computer for gaming or buy a Xbox360 or Wii if you want to do console gaming. The only reason why you should keep it is if you are lucky enough to have a Ps3 that can play Ps2 games. Then it might be worth keeping somewhat but with currently with Ps2’s are low prices and the new slim model coming out it would be cheaper to get a Ps2 and sell the Ps3.

  • Well, the entry was 10 months ago. Heh heh ! The list is almost doubled (excluding PSN purchases), and Most of my time was spent on Valkyria Chronicles these days. And PS3 has a growing library that is surprisingly closer to what I want.

    If the PS3 was not a gift from a friend, I wouldn’t have bought any of the next gen console at that moment.

    The Wii or X360 are out of my concern, wouldn’t buy a console for 1 or 2 games that I might play. I have my DS and PSP to fill my JRPG appetite.

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