Have been longing for a pro audio card with AES/EBU output

Finally made the move today, bought myself an RME HDSP 9632 with its BO968 AES breakout cable.

Feed the AES to my Apogee MiniDAC by an Apogee’s Wyde EYE AES cable, the difference is rather obvious comparing to my previous cards (EMU 1212m, ESI Juli@) IMHO.

5 Responses to “Have been longing for a pro audio card with AES/EBU output”

  • All of that means nothing to me. Right over my head. Haha. It’s always fun buying new stuff that you like though… so congrats!

  • Yor, long time no see.
    Just jogging on web and found your blog.

    I also bought a 9632 last week, enjoying it very much …

  • Ha ! You also bought a 9632 ? You use its digital out or its analog out ?

  • Just with a pair of RCA now.
    Still searching for a good DAC,
    and most probably will go for Apogee as you do.

  • Finally, I got a 2nd hand RME ADI-2 to match with the RME 9632. They are now connected thru a Coaxial cable, running without clock lock and only on consumer version of SPDIF. It is already a major improvement to my system. Will try out running prof with Clock sync between the gears.

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