Symbian & Nokia

I welcome the announcement of Nokia on open sourcing Symbian, but to attract 3rd party and amateur developers, the digital signing process must not be too restrictive as they are in S60 3rd edition and onwards.

Although I liked the idea of Open C API, I haven’t worked on it much than vanilla Symbian C++ on Nokia’s Carbide C++ IDE environment, If they can really make Open C API works like the standard API on UNIX/Linux without too much of the digital signing process, I think that will attract a lot more developers than the current digital signing model.

Let’s see how Nokia proceed with the Symbian OS, their recent phones have been quite buggy regardless of the quality of their 3rd party software.

I hope Nokia take it seriously with their actions as there are already Openmoko (an open source Linux phone stack) phones coming without too much restrictions on the developers/users like the old days of Symbian S60 2nd edition phones but without the hassle of developing on Symbian OS.

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