Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP

Bought both the UMD and the PSN copies and sunk 71+ hours, still have a lot to do. It is good that there are still so many things to do, just leveling up and change title need quite a lot of time.

Not as straight forward as the previous one, but it is more convenient on the PSP, much easier to just pick up and play for a short while. But the new major characters are not as charming as the old one. Wish Selvaria can wear her old suit.

Update (2010-03-08):  155+ hours already, finished it once, but still have quite a lot to do, may be 30-40 hours more will clear all the missions

Update (2010-03-22): 219+ hours, only one extra mission left, 4 more medals to go, but those are very hard, 100% development on Tank and weapons are just a bit too much

Update (2010-03-27): 232+ hours, almost done with everything, except defeat all aces, 100% tank and weapons development.

Update (2010-04-06): 247+ hours, not much of a progress so far, going from 95% to 100% takes a loooooot of time.

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