Apple, again.

Still hate the company so much, even the products are pretty good, until the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 is more like usual smartphones, which are medicore at best. I wanted the leak to be wrong, but it was right. Hah ! I have more hope for such an arrogant company but the product is just medicore.

I will always be in a controversy on Apple since I love it as much as my hate on it. It is innovative and it is so arrogant. I checked the MacBook time and time again, but I will not accept such a hardware at such a price, it is so heavy, but people take like it was a fashion.

Microsoft is just a dumb company doing dumb businesses, not much about hate since they are simply too stupid to be hated. I will still use their products since they are a bit more “convenient” (Rest assured, I paid for my license to use them).

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