Parasite Eve

It is one of my most loved series, aside from Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, and games from Team ICO. The 3rd Birthday is a great action game on the PSP, but the story is just too non-appealing. I guess the scenario writer of the game didn’t have much in his head for the series. PE and PE2 were both great IMHO, and I like the concept of the series very much. The PSP game has nothing like the old ones, though.

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  • Hi mask!

    Just talked to you on GameFAQs. I didn’t want to clutter the thread any further so I’m posting here (most recent one even though I haet 3rd Birthday).

    If you ever want to stop by again, it’s on the servers. It sounds like you’re way too busy to drop in though, which is understandable, family and life obligations are much more important than chatting with random people on the internet. 🙂 I’m glad to see you’ve got interest in Valkyria Chronicles though! Fantastic game and series, I disliked the changes it made going into VC2 but VC3 seems to be going back to all the things that made VC1 so awesome and even more.

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