What do you think about Google AdSense ? A good thing or a bad thing ?

Personally, I think it is a good thing to webmasters, as it helps funding the site, no matter big or small. I’d like to hear your opinion.

And BTW, I have won 3 items (US PS2 SH4, US XBOX SH4 and PAL PS2 SH4) in ebay to complete my SH major releases collection. Waiting for them to arrive.

3 Responses to “What do you think about Google AdSense ? A good thing or a bad thing ?”

  • I used Adsense myself and I loved it!

  • Wow Maskrider, love the new website look!

    I use adsense, I’ve only encountered ONE problem. When I first started, it took about 3 months or so for them to send the first paycheck. Then I received a notice saying that my account had done something to increase my postcount against policy or something like that, and were refusing to send any money.

    I wrote a nice formal letter, asking them to specifically prove and give me the information on where they thought I had ‘tampered’ with my account. (I sent two actually, one using email and one using a form). I explained how my website was, that I only had (at that time) the banners on one page of my forum, and if anything it was overzealous people clicking and I didn’t have knowledge nor did I use a programme.

    After about a week, I received another email, stating that my account had been restored, and I received my check a few days later.

    Since then I haven’t had any issues, and I think it’s nice because it’s not too intrusive and does help pay for BCL’s costs…..but…yeah…the one issue seemed pretty suspicious…or weird rather.

  • Thank you Emi and Tobi, I am still considering it but not decided on that yet. I’ve read the T&C and guidelines and it seems that there are quite a bit of stuffs to be taken care of.

    I’m more in the way of improving the content and layout of ZOG at the moment (felixmcli.org can be considered done until I change my mind later on, ha ha !).

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