Watched Silent Hill

When the Silent Hill theme music plays at the start, I was very happy that I had almost stood up, screamed and clapped my hands (like what the Star War Fans do when the Rolling Text and the intro music comes), but just when I was about to take the move, it stopped playing and the scene changed. And the next paragraph will contain my feelings and definitely contain spoilers, so read on if you have watched it, or stop if you haven’t. I knew a bit of the story and a bit about the main characters since I had watched the trailer. I was very enthusiastic at the start, trying to remember every detail of the movie and relating to the games. Silent Hill (only the name) and the alternate world (more like a preview) were introduced at the very start of the movie when Rose and Chris were finding their daughter, Sharon Cheryl (adopted, well, that’s for sure, if they changed even that then they’d better not call it Silent Hill).

One day (may be just the next day), Rose decided to bring Sharon Cheryl to Silent Hill without letting Chris know, they drove a long way, heading to West Virgina (Silent Hill is in West Virgina in the movie). The story progress like the first Silent Hill with Rose replacing Harry, they arrived at Silent Hill with a car accident. And Rose ran after her daughter into Silent Hill, entered the alternate world, then wake up and returned to the “real” world.

The story is interesting up to where they went to the church, where everything starts to go down hill. I don’t mind the inclusion of Pyramid Head as he’s a great character in the series (although he only appeared in 2), but I don’t like the way he appeared with the progress of the story. It seemed to me that everything was just packed together to make up a story. I really hate it this way as a Silent Hill fan. Pyramid Head does not fit in the story at all, why bring him in ?!!

And about the nurse, the characteristics of them simply cannot be reproduced by the human actors, and their behaviour is nothing like that.

The story went downhill in an amazing speed, more like a cliff, I think the actors are doing a very good job, but the story just doesn’t make it.

As a Silent Hill fan, I am very pleased that the music is intact, but they can call it some other name (just name the town to whatever) than Silent Hill.

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