A simple polarity inverter for FooBar2000 v0.9.x

I wanted to find one but all my searches returned nothing, then I was brought to the Foobar2000 forums at Hydrogenaudio and it seems it is not very hard to develop one.

I created one after a couple of hours (mostly for downloading Visual Studio 2005 Express, Platform SDK and messing around with foobar2000 9 SDK and some sample DSP codes), documentation is lacking for sure, but simple stuffs like this one is really rather simple.

It works only on stereo sources and there is no option/setting to mess with, include it in DSP Manager and you have your polarity inverted and that’s all about it. 🙂

Simple Polarity Inverter 1.00 for foobar2000 v0.9.x (file size 45 KB)

BTW, this is my first written foobar2000 plugin and I have only tried it on my foobar2000 9.2, I don’t guarantee it to work in any situation but I think such a simple plugin will work fine in most situations.

edit: re-named it from “Phase” to “Polarity” to be more exact

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