Caught a cold 2 days ago

I think because of the lack of sleep, I caught a cold while talking to a client/friend in a mall. It was pretty bad, have a running nose the whole day yesterday and used up a box full of tissues.

The last time I was in a similar situation was during a working trip in China, but fortunately no fever this time, just running nose. Off-the-shelf medicines are mostly not working from my past experience. The Ads on those Panadol tablets flashed in my mind, and instead of visiting a doctor, I tried the Panadol cold & flu Day pills, but they didn’t help at all and I think that I should visit a doctor instead if the Night tablets also didn’t work.

So, before sleeping, I tried Panadol cold & flu Night tablets and they worked, my running nose had finally stopped running and I had a good sleep. No more running nose today but I think I should visit a doctor because my throat is aching. 🙂

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