Haven’t updated anything on my sites for a while

Very busy these days, I have taken a new career lately. I can forsee that I will have even less leisure time for games and my sites, sorry to those who are waiting for updates.

And BTW, I am very happy with the performance of Akismet, it has caught 181 spam for me since I first installed it.

3 Responses to “Haven’t updated anything on my sites for a while”

  • Aw 🙁 I just found this site, too. I followed a link from a FAQ on GameFAQs that said you had an awesome Siren site, but it’s… not there. 🙁 I would have loved to see what you have.

  • The site had been removed quite a long time already, there were package scans and some videos (e.g. controversal TVCMs, making of, game play …).

    Only some videos are available in the ZOG’s video page now.

  • Aw… Well, thanks for having some videos left anyways ^_^

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