Gaming sites : stay where they are or shut them down

I won’t have time to update/maintain my gaming sites for at least 2-3 years, I think I won’t even have time to play games. Seriously considering whether I should shut them down (only maintain this blog once in a while) or let them stay where they are (which I don’t prefer).

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  • While the gaming sites haven’t been updated in a while, the idea of shutting them down seems almost like the end of a chapter in the land of the internet. Granted, there’s alot of chapters, but your’s was pretty unique and provided a good deal of content. Thanks for providing said content by the way.

    In the end, it’s your site, so if you’d rather shut down the gaming sites and save yourself the bandwidth, then so be it.

  • Peter, noted. Bandwidth is not the problem. Thank you.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your Silent Hill stuff (and other gaming stuff too, but I was here for SH) and just wanted to say thanks for posting it. Is there a particular reason you can’t play games for the next 2 years? That seems like an awful long time…

    But I think an archive on the net is better than nothing at all, if bandwidth is not a problem. I still check out some of your pictures and refer friends here when talking about SH and other games.

  • Might not play any games because concentration and focus are critical these couple of years, if everything works out well, I don’t have to worry about the rest of my life.

    I think I’ll just leave them the way they are, and see if I can have little updates once in a while.

  • hey mask! long time to write – hope you’re well.

    just wanted to say that I would deeply miss your Shadow Hearts stuff if you took it down. it’s an indispensable resource that I use more often than I should. it looks like three months have passed and nothing has happened, but I figure encouragement can’t hurt, either!

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