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Do not buy HITACHINO NEST beers

Do not buy beers from HITACHINO NEST (常陸野ネスト) !!! They are pricey (comparable to good Belgian beers) and they are jokingly stupid tasting beers.

Belgian beers, the best beers of the world

Belgian beers

The moment of truth

Beer and the economic turmoil

Doesn’t look like there are any effect on the prices of the beers that I like, some even had a increase in price than discounts.

It is Hoegaarden, I usually buy it at HK$8.9 from a neighboring supermarket before, but it’s price has been raised to HK$13.8 recently. I had stopped buying it since then. It had been in the market for a while, don’t know how the distributor suddenly thinks it worth that much more.

Doesn’t changed much for my other favourites, e.g. Duvel, Chimay, Maisel’s Weisse.

Visited Japan lately

Had a vacation trip to Japan on 7 Aug to 13 Aug, been to Hokkaido (Sapporo, Furano, Biei, Asahikawa) and Tokyo.

Furano is a really good and pleasant place, if you plan to go there, plan your transportation carefully since the buses/trains are not very frequent.

One more of my favourite beers from Belgium

Hoegaarden ! Tasty, unfiltered !

My favourite beers

4 of my favourite beers, Chimay (Belgium), Duvel (Belgium), Maisel’s Weisse (German) and Stella Artois (Belgium)

Maisel’s Weisse is best enjoyed with a tall cup

Duvel – The ultimate beer

My favourite beer has changed today, it is from Belgium, the ultimate beer – Duvel. It tastes so great that it is now my favourite after drinking just a bit of it.

Both Chimay Red and Blue labels (also from Belgium) were also great for a couple of weeks, but they are no longer the top ones today. Duvel is so unique and yet so great. I guess I will be more reluctant to drink the bad ones from now on.