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Those were the days

There are times that you’ll tell yourself, ‘Those were the days !’.

The sentense flashed in my mind while I’m listening to Masatoshi Nakamura’s (中村雅俊) songs, ‘タダお前がいい’, and ‘俺たちの旅’, the songs in the soundtracks of ‘俺たちの旅’ (an old Japanese TV drama). I watched the TV drama when I was very young, the story and the characters are still on my mind.


Still miss the days when I was young. “Those were the days !”

Watched Da Vinci Code yesterday

I hadn’t read the fiction before watching it and I like the story a lot, the pace is ok, the actors are good, but the clues are like “written on the face”, it is rather bad for such a movie. No surprises, no twist. Kinda disappointed.

Watched Silent Hill

When the Silent Hill theme music plays at the start, I was very happy that I had almost stood up, screamed and clapped my hands (like what the Star War Fans do when the Rolling Text and the intro music comes), but just when I was about to take the move, it stopped playing and the scene changed. And the next paragraph will contain my feelings and definitely contain spoilers, so read on if you have watched it, or stop if you haven’t. I knew a bit of the story and a bit about the main characters since I had watched the trailer. I was very enthusiastic at the start, trying to remember every detail of the movie and relating to the games. Continue reading ‘Watched Silent Hill’

Going to watch Silent Hill tonight

It’s finally the day, a little excited since I hadn’t been to a cinema for quite a while. Silent Hill, here I come !

Silent Hill movie will be in my local theatres the coming week

The time has finally come, as a Silent Hill fan, I will definitely watch it. I had kept myself fresh about the story by not reading nor watching anything about it. But for sure I am pretty well versed in the Silent Hill universe, I am hoping to enjoy it the most.

A Sleeping Forest Japanese TV drama DVD boxset …

… will be released on 20/Apr/2005 in Japan, I had been waiting for its release for years. It is the one of the most memorable Japanese TV drama to me, for sure I had already pre-ordered it from, ha ha ! 😀

And BTW, I had bought my PAL version of Shadow Hearts Covenant and it will be on the way to me soon.