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ICO/Wander and the Colossus collection

Got mine on 22nd Sep, played through ICO twice and now playing Wander and the Colossus.

They remind me of the old days, ICO is such a beautiful game. SOTC feels a bit better than the original overall (especially on its framerate).

Enjoying every moment with them, and looking forward to 3D mode after getting Sony’s HMD before end of this year.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Riela and Imca Nendroid figures

Seen both of them (2 x each)  at a local store, but decided against buying them since the bonus PSP mission code would not be in any of them.

Bought Nendroid Riela after knowing that the code is a feature of the standard product. The crow bar (after beating the Ace and the mission) is the strongest anti-tank “Explosive sword” type weapon.

PS3 data transfer utility … extreeeeeemely slow

Bought  a new Classic White 320G PS3 (3012B LW) , have started transferring for almost 6 hours, still at 67% …

edit: finally done after transferring for almost 10 hours.

PS3 ICO and Shadow of the Colossus

I spent many many hours playing them on the PS2, these 2 games are beautiful and magnificent. Their soundtracks are awesome, I still listen to them every now and then.

And only a little more than a month to go, I will be able to get my hands on the Japanese limited box.

PSN still down in HK

Fuck you SCEH and whoever responsible for the loooooong outage. You better close down the sympathetic HK PSN and get lost. Give me back my money on PSN+.

Urmnaf Bort Hyuga

I really miss this character, especially in Shadow Hearts II. There is no way that he will be back in any game, though.

I had tried translating the Japanese game for the Western gamers, and I learnt a lot on the work that I had done. Not just about Japanese, but about part of the European stuffs and words. It was indeed a great pleasure to learn so many things by drilling into one of my favourite games.

And yes, I still miss the Shadow Hearts series.

Sony’s PSN is down for more than 24 hours

Unable to get the latest DLC of Valkyria Chronicles 3 … damn ! Alicia/Isara/Welkin, wait for me.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 PSP, all medals

Almost 237 hours.

DLC of Valkyria Chronicles


– Hard-EX, 300 YEN
– Edy sub-squad, 600 YEN
– Selvaria’s missions, 800 YEN
– Edy challenges, 300 YEN

Total  2000 YEN


– 100 YEN x 21

Total 2100 YEN


– 3 x (600 YEN scenario + 200 YEN mission) so far

Already 2400 YEN, I am pretty sure that there WILL be more coming, how much does SEGA want to charge the fans ?

Valkyria Chronicles 3, finished 1st play through after 85+ hours

Looks like it will take at least 200 play hours to complete, much like Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Edit: Clocked 166+ hours, almost done with all the missions.

Edit1: Clocked 171+ hours, still a couple of medals to go