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Finished The 3rd Birthday, and started Valkyria Chronicles 3

118+ hours, 18 clears, got all weapons, costumes and their view mode. Can be considered complete.

Next up: Valkyria Chronicles 3

Parasite Eve

It is one of my most loved series, aside from Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, and games from Team ICO. The 3rd Birthday is a great action game on the PSP, but the story is just too non-appealing. I guess the scenario writer of the game didn’t have much in his head for the series. PE and PE2 were both great IMHO, and I like the concept of the series very much. The PSP game has nothing like the old ones, though.

So much for the Shadow Hearts series

Listening to the OSTs of SH, SH2, and SHFTNW got me thinking that there will be no hope for a new or even a re-release.

The Shadow Hearts series will be remembered.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 PSP demo available

It is available on PSN or you can download it directly from

(Scroll to the end of page, click the centered bigger blue link  will start the download)

【「戦場のヴァルキュリア3 体験版をダウンロードする】

Shadow Hearts … HD port … a hope

After the release of GOW/GOWII, and the announcements of Sly cooper and ICO/SOTC, my looking forward to is the Shadow Hearts series, it is one of the series that is always on my mind, as much as ICO/SOTC or the Silent Hill(s), but it looks like the chance is very very slim since the team was disbanded.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP, still playing it at least 3-4 times a week

The save game says 272 hours, hand-held console is so convenient when you just want to pick-up and play. Finished each and every missions (include all the released DLCs), still couldn’t complete all weapons for both the tank and the soldiers.

The next game that will take similar amount of time from me may be Sudoku on PSP that I started playing recently.

The freaking “No more heroes” X360 still hangs after the patch, damn !

What have you done, feelplus ?!! Is this all you’ve got on the X360 ? I haven’t encountered any problem with the original PS3 version (without the recently released patch) even after playing through it 3 times.

edit: What ! Hang again ! WTF !??

edit: Ok, 60 hours playtime, hang 2 times on the X360 even after the patch. That’s all about it. Going to sell it when it still has a good price.

No More Heroes, X360 and PS3

Completed PS3 version 3 times, completed X360 version 1 time, going for the 2nd round.

Loading time is super long on the X360, even with the game  installed on HDD.

No More Heroes, my 2nd X360 game

So far apart and so long after the first one, I finally bought my 2nd X360 game, it is No More Heroes, I bought and played the PS3 version before this one.

Both versions have shitty graphics (not very shitty compared to the Wii), and load time (X360 NMH is being worst, even installed to HDD).

X360 version was a port of the US version (without English subtitles),  PS3 version is a port of the Japanese Wii version. The blood factor got me to buy the X360 version and it marks my 2nd game on the system since Bayonetta.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP

Bought both the UMD and the PSN copies and sunk 71+ hours, still have a lot to do. It is good that there are still so many things to do, just leveling up and change title need quite a lot of time.

Not as straight forward as the previous one, but it is more convenient on the PSP, much easier to just pick up and play for a short while. But the new major characters are not as charming as the old one. Wish Selvaria can wear her old suit.

Update (2010-03-08):  155+ hours already, finished it once, but still have quite a lot to do, may be 30-40 hours more will clear all the missions

Update (2010-03-22): 219+ hours, only one extra mission left, 4 more medals to go, but those are very hard, 100% development on Tank and weapons are just a bit too much

Update (2010-03-27): 232+ hours, almost done with everything, except defeat all aces, 100% tank and weapons development.

Update (2010-04-06): 247+ hours, not much of a progress so far, going from 95% to 100% takes a loooooot of time.