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Japan crisis and the people

It is not easy for the people to be so tolerant, especially in such a hard time. Be brave, be strong, Japanese people.

Couldn’t imagine if the same thing happen in my region, people would have gone crazy everywhere.

Today’s a bad day for Japan

Earth quake and the Tsunami, my prayers are with you.

Taiwan Trip 2010

Long overdue vacation incoming …

Will be out of town for a week, hopefully all enjoyable moments with my family.

Trying to lose weight lately, have been drinking too much (beer, mostly) and my belly is growing steadily.

Merry X’mas

Too bad that I caught a cold today, hadn’t left home for a minute. Hopefully I’ll be better today after a good sleep and 2 pcs of panadol.

Haven’t updated anything on my sites for a while

Very busy these days, I have taken a new career lately. I can forsee that I will have even less leisure time for games and my sites, sorry to those who are waiting for updates.

And BTW, I am very happy with the performance of Akismet, it has caught 181 spam for me since I first installed it.

Caught a cold 2 days ago

I think because of the lack of sleep, I caught a cold while talking to a client/friend in a mall. It was pretty bad, have a running nose the whole day yesterday and used up a box full of tissues.

The last time I was in a similar situation was during a working trip in China, but fortunately no fever this time, just running nose. Off-the-shelf medicines are mostly not working from my past experience. The Ads on those Panadol tablets flashed in my mind, and instead of visiting a doctor, I tried the Panadol cold & flu Day pills, but they didn’t help at all and I think that I should visit a doctor instead if the Night tablets also didn’t work.

So, before sleeping, I tried Panadol cold & flu Night tablets and they worked, my running nose had finally stopped running and I had a good sleep. No more running nose today but I think I should visit a doctor because my throat is aching. 🙂

Have been working nights and days

It seems like everything comes to me all of a sudden, hardware failure, development jobs, new opportunities, so busy all of a sudden, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down these 2 weeks.

Lack of sleep is killing me.

Birth, a woman gives birth to a baby …

… is a continuation of life if no problem occurs (if a problem arises, it can affect the lives of both, depending on situation, so please respect women as they bear a more risky lives than men). But life is not that easy, it can be difficult at times, and at those times you need to make important decisions that affect your life. Take a deep breath, think it over and then decide. It’s not an instant responsibility, it is a life time responsibility.

The gaming sites were indeed the unexpected

Reading the sites again, I hadn’t thought of spending so much time and effort on them when I created them. But then again, I was truely dedicated while I was at them, a sane person will never think about doing that all by himself/herself. But that’s the spirit.

Things have gone out of my control (for quite a while) and I am not as tough as I thought. I hope I can keep up with my current situation.