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Might have caught a cold today

Not feeling very well today, hope everything is fine after a good sleep, heh !

Oh, images in SC II Weapons galleries have been refreshed with higher resolution ones, hope you like the new images (all are updated except Link’s weapon gallery).

Have been selling stuffs lately

Quite a bit of them, games, comics, books, franchised goods. No space is one of the factors, the other one is that they probably won’t be touched in the near future and I have lost interest in them. Keeping them will just be a waste.

Bought E-MU 1212m …

… just to feed unprocessed 16/44.1 data to the MiniDAC.

Ha ha ! Crazy ? Definitely not ! It is really cheap comparing to the way I had been spending with my audio system some years before.

Happy new year !

Wish everyone a merry 2006 ! 😀

Merry X’mas

Still very busy these days. Not much time for games. Heh ! Wish you a merry chrismas and a happy new year !

No update for quite a while …

Very busy these days, not much time for games. I had only bought Ninja Gaiden Black and Wanda and the Colossus (Shadow of the Colossus) recently, didn’t buy anything else since I didn’t have time to play. But I still managed to finished WATC (SOTC) 6 times and created 2 image galleries for it, ha ha !

And BTW, X-BOX 360 is officially available in the US, but I am not quite interested in it, backward compatibility is weak and there are not enough attractive games at the moment. If I had to choose, may be…

A bunch of racing cars just came by …

… and they made some disgusting noise in such a quiet moment (while I was listening to Yamaoka-san’s Silent Hill series music). Fuck them, I wish they all got tickets or being caught tonight.

Working my ass off these days …

… almost no time for games.

Watched the video on the new entry on DOA series (I bought almost all of the released versions, except SEGA Saturn), there is still no improvement on the jiggling, still only vertical (relative to the body) motion, no sideways, nor on the extra dimension. I am disappointed. Rumble Roses can do it (on PS2), but they don’t (on X360), heh !

What the hell ! Is this laziness or what ? You tell me.

People that I would like to meet …

… but don’t know if I can (99.99999999….% cannot, ha ha!). So many of them, ha ha ! Some may be just day dreaming, but dreaming is still fine, right ?

1. Miho Nakayama – want to talk with her (with my bad Japanese) for a while, “Love Letter” is one of my super favourites.
2. ICHIKO – who is the singer for “Maburaho”, just want to talk to her and show my appreciations the next time I’m in Japan ! Might be just another day dream, ha ha !
3. Takayo of Z.O.N.E. – she is one of the great singers of ZONE,…

There are just so much that one can love most

My most loved stuffs (excluding people, since my family members will always be the most loved ones) didn’t change much these years. It is music, anime and sound tracks, ha ha ! They simply worth listening to and reading again and again, and be moved whenever you read/listen to them.

May be it is one of the ways to balance my busy life these days !!! What a feeling ! 😆