Monthly Archive for March, 2005

Tired, very tired …

… have been moving house the past couple of days, and doing the same thing over the next couple of days … heh ! 😡

God damn the resellers !

Street price of Enthusia Professional Racing is now HK$270 (~US$35), I bought it at HK$370 (~US$48 ) when it was available and thought it was reasonable with its 6980 YEN price tag. Damn !

Silent Hill 2

I am watching my favourite trailers (well, those Silent Hill 2 trailers, with my favourite music). I will always say even if you don’t want to play the game, the soundtrack CD worths every penny, get it.

The music is just … MAGNIFICIANT !!! (*as always*)

Got Ehthusia !

Display is 4:3 only, no progressive mode support. Graphics not as detailed and sharp as GT4, but the game is interesting, the Driving Revolution part is fun, Enthusia Life mode is addictive, with Driver HP and the skill point awarding system, you will have a good reason to drive better and safer.

Enthusia !

Seems like a promising racing game, official date is Mar/17, i.e. tomorrow. Ha ha ! I’ll make sure I get it.

It looks like Shadow Hearts II DC version is not available everywhere, people have to pay a premium to get it at the moment. What a situation for a supposed budget release ! 🙄

Got a brand new copy of Koudelka yesterday

Although I already had a 2nd hand copy, I bought the cheap new one on impulse. Heh !

Happy day today

Although the game is unneccessary expensive, it still worths paying just to hold it in my hand a few days earlier.

Great music, great scene, the new SH from the new world trailer got me so excited. Eagerly looking forward to its release this summer.

The new CG train scene of the SH2DC makes me feel like watching the ending of the first Shadow Hearts, feels so good ! 😀

Got SH2DC !!!

But at a premium price of US$40, heh ! The Shadow Hearts from a new world trailer is very short, only around 1.5 minutes, the CG scenes looks very good. Title screens and box front scan are at the Shadow Hearts II gallery .

Still unable to get Shadow Hearts II DC …

The shops are not able to get it today, the more you want something, the longer it takes to get it, damn ! 🙁

I want to watch the Shadow Hearts from a new world trailer in the DC version so much.

Silent Hill videos

Many people are wondering if the movies section of Silent Hill pages will be revived, the answer is “Yes”, but may be a little different than before. I will be playing the games again, starting from the first Silent Hill.

The first batch of video to be up again will most probably be the trailers and I may do it after redoing all the layouts and moving of the Silent Hill pages.

Although I had moved on and am playing other games, I certainly hadn’t forgotten about Silent Hill. I had recently completed my collection of authentic Silent Hill soundtrack CDs (the last 2 of them from ebay, SH4 EU OST and limited edition SH4 US OST).

Sincerely thanks to those who cares about them and those who sent me e-mail.