Monthly Archive for April, 2005

SH:C PAL arrived, finally

A surprise today, didn’t expect it as I thought it was lost in transit. Heh !

Looks like the PAL SH:C package was lost in transit …

… damn ! damn ! damn ! My first time that a package was lost in transit, damn !

Wondering why it took so long …

… for the PAL Shadow Hearts Covenant to arrive, more than a week already. Hope it is not lost in transit. Damn !

Shadow Hearts Covenant PAL

Got A Sleeping Forest DVD box set and re-release of SH OST Plus 1 today, still waiting for SH:C PAL version, I hope it arrives tomorrow, hah !

A Sleeping Forest Japanese TV drama DVD boxset …

… will be released on 20/Apr/2005 in Japan, I had been waiting for its release for years. It is the one of the most memorable Japanese TV drama to me, for sure I had already pre-ordered it from, ha ha ! 😀

And BTW, I had bought my PAL version of Shadow Hearts Covenant and it will be on the way to me soon.

Shadow Hearts Soundtracks re-release

Shadow Hearts fans, the OST of the first Shadow Hearts was re-released, the new one is a cheaper version, the colour of the package was changed and there is one more track (Bloody kitchens) on the first disc. You can grab it from Amazon Japan.

Finally, done moving into a new flat, super tired …

… and done something stupid, ha ha ! And April 1st past already, I miss all the April fools’ news. 😆