Monthly Archive for May, 2005

It is increasingly hard to maintain the site …

… with just the little leisure time of one family man (although I was not updating it frequently).

Seriously considering dropping some of the games from the site, hadn’t been updating some games for quite a while (except mentioning the previous server hard disk crashed).

Very concentrated on Shadow Hearts series these days

Spent most of my time on the Shadow Hearts series, haven’t done much to the other SH (Silent Hill) series for a while already, only have encoded a Silent Hill 3 video, though.

It is about the hard to forget mirror room/store room in alternate Hospital. You can download the video with this link (file format: zipped HQ WMV9 640×480 29.97fps 1.1Mbps ~ 17MBytes)

Too many games in July

Damn ! So many games that I want (e.g. SH FTNW, Zero 3, Tenchu PSP) in July, my wallet will weight much less in July, damn !

Got Shadow Hearts From The New World Demo !!!

Got it yesterday, the new stock and double action is pretty interesting. There is a stock bar which shows your stock value, you can select Combo, Double or Double Combo if you have enough stock.

Enthusia Professional Racing … is now dirt cheap

From HK$370 -> HK$290 -> HK$190 -> HK$98, WTF !

Shadow Hearts From The New World is coming …

… on July/28. As you would expect, I had placed my pre-order on the limited edition, currently trying to find a copy of the demo, heh !

Got Forza today, but …

… the game (gameplay-wise) is not much different from the demo, may be more stable frame-rate, but 30fps just doesn’t cut it. The races feel slow and sluggish. Not sure if it will stay.