Monthly Archive for September, 2005

People that I would like to meet …

… but don’t know if I can (99.99999999….% cannot, ha ha!). So many of them, ha ha ! Some may be just day dreaming, but dreaming is still fine, right ?

1. Miho Nakayama – want to talk with her (with my bad Japanese) for a while, “Love Letter” is one of my super favourites.
2. ICHIKO – who is the singer for “Maburaho”, just want to talk to her and show my appreciations the next time I’m in Japan ! Might be just another day dream, ha ha !
3. Takayo of Z.O.N.E. – she is one of the great singers of ZONE,…

There are just so much that one can love most

My most loved stuffs (excluding people, since my family members will always be the most loved ones) didn’t change much these years. It is music, anime and sound tracks, ha ha ! They simply worth listening to and reading again and again, and be moved whenever you read/listen to them.

May be it is one of the ways to balance my busy life these days !!! What a feeling ! 😆

Yeah !!! I’ve got Silent Hill Play Novel !!!

Completely out of my expectation, I’ve got Silent Hill Play Novel today from a totally unexpected place, brand new !!! Yay !!!