Monthly Archive for April, 2006

Received PAL PS2 SH4, finally !

My collection of major releases are finally completed, take a deep breath.

Received US PS2 SH4 and US X-BOX SH4 yesterday

Only PAL PS2 SH4 not yet received, paid over a week but that seller on ebay is not responding to 2 of my messages, damn !

The Internet

Many sites simply use others images/movies (that others created/captured/did) without ever mentioning the source, please kindly give credit where credit is due.
PS. All images in my site were assembled/captured/scanned by me, unless specified otherwise.

What do you think about Google AdSense ? A good thing or a bad thing ?

Personally, I think it is a good thing to webmasters, as it helps funding the site, no matter big or small. I’d like to hear your opinion.

And BTW, I have won 3 items (US PS2 SH4, US XBOX SH4 and PAL PS2 SH4) in ebay to complete my SH major releases collection. Waiting for them to arrive.

Updated my Silent Hill collection photo

Check it out here. Also updated the Soul Calibur II movies page with better Soul Edge and Soul Calibur opening video and a newly added SC III opening video.

Added Cynthia’s Special Favor video to Silent Hill video page

Cynthia’s dance scene with special costume, captured and cropped to size on PC version.

Check it out here.

All Soul Calibur II weapons galleries updated

Finally done, check them out at SC II Weapons Gallery.

Might have caught a cold today

Not feeling very well today, hope everything is fine after a good sleep, heh !

Oh, images in SC II Weapons galleries have been refreshed with higher resolution ones, hope you like the new images (all are updated except Link’s weapon gallery).

Soul Calibur II pages also moved to Z-O-G.ORG

Just finished moving, but it is just the beginning of the next phase. 🙂

Silent Hill Pages moved to Z-O-G.ORG

Finished moving Silent Hill Pages to Z-O-G.ORG, but this is just a start of the full revamping of the pages.

Soul Calibur II is next, then both will be revamped.