Monthly Archive for May, 2006

Microsoft Office 2007

The best has gotten even better, I have just checked its preview site (you can download a beta version to test drive it) and was amazed by its improvements, I can see and very much appreciate the thought, research and effort they put into the product than following the same old formula and adding more features. It is supposed to be released later this year.

I think it is time for me to upgrade my Office XP if they deliver a solid (i.e. no critical bugs) product with all the said features. Other than that, the major thing that matters may be whether those features can run smoothly on an average PC.

Not much choice for AGP users

Unless you upgrade your system to one with a PCI Express x16 slot, you don’t have much choice for your video card upgrade. The supposed best AGP card is the 7800 GS from Nvidia, but that one is a bit crippled comparing to the 7800 GT (let alone 7900 GT at the same price as 7800 GS) in terms of raw power (still, I had bought it :D). I don’t want to let go of my Northwood P4 3G yet, although it is rather slow encoding WMV9, it is still working well with most other things.

AMD’s x2 CPUs are very attractive and I’ve seen a new AM2 socket motherboard on the shelf recently, the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe. But like many PC fanatics, I am waiting for the arrival of Intel’s next CPU, code name Conroe, it looks like a worthy upgrade to my current PC and I will finally have a taste of the power of the latest Dual-Core CPUs (although I had dual CPU systems quite a while ago – dual Pentium 200MMX, dual Pentium II 450MHz) and the software that take advantage of them (my main tools, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe PhotoShop CS, TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress).

And I have finally settled with Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 than another Logitech, new and faster ones are all USB only, no more dual mode (USB, PS2), but I still prefer PS2 mouse.

Do you have a preferred video format ?


Watched Da Vinci Code yesterday

I hadn’t read the fiction before watching it and I like the story a lot, the pace is ok, the actors are good, but the clues are like “written on the face”, it is rather bad for such a movie. No surprises, no twist. Kinda disappointed.

My Logitech MX518 mouse died

Bought it less than a year and it died, the first time a mouse died on me.

Checked the new ones but the “Forward”, “Backward” buttons (for web browsers) are gone but I got used to it.

Have to use my old and reliable Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0.

Not sure why the domain holder of redirects their domain to my Silent Hill pages

I noticed recently from the server log that the domain redirects to the start page of my Silent Hill pages for a while, not sure why there is such an arrangement.

The following is the Whois record of
Link to the Whois Record of

The domain expires on May 14, 2006 by the whois record. Not sure why someone would hold that domain but redirect all visitors to my Silent Hill pages. I have no relationship nor connections with the domain holder nor was I notified by the domain holder of such an arrangement.

Watched Silent Hill

When the Silent Hill theme music plays at the start, I was very happy that I had almost stood up, screamed and clapped my hands (like what the Star War Fans do when the Rolling Text and the intro music comes), but just when I was about to take the move, it stopped playing and the scene changed. And the next paragraph will contain my feelings and definitely contain spoilers, so read on if you have watched it, or stop if you haven’t. I knew a bit of the story and a bit about the main characters since I had watched the trailer. I was very enthusiastic at the start, trying to remember every detail of the movie and relating to the games. Continue reading ‘Watched Silent Hill’

Going to watch Silent Hill tonight

It’s finally the day, a little excited since I hadn’t been to a cinema for quite a while. Silent Hill, here I come !

ZOG reached 300K+ visitors within 2 months (counting started on March 10)

Dear visitors, thank you very much ! It is completely out of my expectation.

Even without counting the Gallery and the first month had included only a small portion of the pages.

It is funny since collecting stats was not something I intended to do until a friend asked my help on finding a stats package for his site and I tested it on mine.

Silent Hill pages updates

Silent Hill 3 Costumes have been updated with better and higher resolution pictures, a new sub-album for full body images was also added. You can check them out here.

And BTW, all new updates on Silent Hill pages will be posted to their dedicated What’s New page.