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Silent Hill movie will be in my local theatres the coming week

The time has finally come, as a Silent Hill fan, I will definitely watch it. I had kept myself fresh about the story by not reading nor watching anything about it. But for sure I am pretty well versed in the Silent Hill universe, I am hoping to enjoy it the most.

Birth, a woman gives birth to a baby …

… is a continuation of life if no problem occurs (if a problem arises, it can affect the lives of both, depending on situation, so please respect women as they bear a more risky lives than men). But life is not that easy, it can be difficult at times, and at those times you need to make important decisions that affect your life. Take a deep breath, think it over and then decide. It’s not an instant responsibility, it is a life time responsibility.

The gaming sites were indeed the unexpected

Reading the sites again, I hadn’t thought of spending so much time and effort on them when I created them. But then again, I was truely dedicated while I was at them, a sane person will never think about doing that all by himself/herself. But that’s the spirit.

Things have gone out of my control (for quite a while) and I am not as tough as I thought. I hope I can keep up with my current situation.

The taste of Corona Extra has changed

It is no longer the same old Corona Extra that I used to know, it’s special flavour (it’s characteristic charm) is lost.

For sure it is not alone, there were beers that lost their characteristics when becoming popular, I guess it is a common trend. 🙁