Monthly Archive for July, 2006

Have been working nights and days

It seems like everything comes to me all of a sudden, hardware failure, development jobs, new opportunities, so busy all of a sudden, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down these 2 weeks.

Lack of sleep is killing me.

Hah ! Couldn’t get Silent Hill Complete Set

Received a message from the import store that I ordered mine, due to some kind of mis-communication, they were not able to get one for me, I guess I will have to leave it as it is than paying for an overpriced copy.

Very disappointed, but couldn’t do anything about it. May be it is time to stop blindly collecting Silent Hill stuffs, especially when posession has become obsession.

Jack o’Lantern & Jack o’Frost

Ha ha ! Finally decided to buy it yesterday.

Duvel – The ultimate beer

My favourite beer has changed today, it is from Belgium, the ultimate beer – Duvel. It tastes so great that it is now my favourite after drinking just a bit of it.

Both Chimay Red and Blue labels (also from Belgium) were also great for a couple of weeks, but they are no longer the top ones today. Duvel is so unique and yet so great. I guess I will be more reluctant to drink the bad ones from now on.

Is there anybody out there ?

Heh heh ! I am not asking a question, I was talking about one of Pink Floyd’s songs instead.

It is one of my all time favourites, but it is rather short that you will really want it to last.

And when talking about songs, ‘Wish you were here’ is another magnificent piece from them.

And I have been listening to songs that I like so much in those days, they are from Eurythmics, the unique and special voice of Annie Lennox, and Sting and …, so many of them.