Monthly Archive for August, 2006

Borland’s ‘Turbo’ products and Roadmaps

From the published Roadmaps, I’m glad to see that there are further development on the tools. I was worried about the development of the tools and held off upgrading to BDS 2006 after reading Borland’s intention to sell the IDE business to somebody else (well, partly because of my purchased VCL components might not work with it).

I like Borland’s development tools since Turbo Pascal on CPM and I had purchased and used C++ Builder since version 1, and currently C++ Builder 6 Pro is my major development tool (I am a C/Assembly guy, and C++ is my natural choice, ha ha).

I have recently worked on other IDEs, like Sun’s NetBeans IDE (for Java projects), Nokia’s Carbide.c++ (Eclipse developed IDE for Symbian C++ projects) and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Pro 2005 (for Windows Mobile development, very slick IMHO). I’d considered completely changing to VS2005 Pro but I miss the C++ RAD environment, and I have my clients running apps 24/7 that I still need to support.

I think the free Turbo explorer series will get more developers to appreciate Borland’s RAD environment.

Caught a cold 2 days ago

I think because of the lack of sleep, I caught a cold while talking to a client/friend in a mall. It was pretty bad, have a running nose the whole day yesterday and used up a box full of tissues.

The last time I was in a similar situation was during a working trip in China, but fortunately no fever this time, just running nose. Off-the-shelf medicines are mostly not working from my past experience. The Ads on those Panadol tablets flashed in my mind, and instead of visiting a doctor, I tried the Panadol cold & flu Day pills, but they didn’t help at all and I think that I should visit a doctor instead if the Night tablets also didn’t work.

So, before sleeping, I tried Panadol cold & flu Night tablets and they worked, my running nose had finally stopped running and I had a good sleep. No more running nose today but I think I should visit a doctor because my throat is aching. 🙂