Monthly Archive for February, 2007

Kung Hei fat Choi

To those who are Chinese or knows about Chinese, 恭喜發財 !

A good friend of mine recently sent me an unexpected gift, a Playstation 3, which turned me into a next gen console owner, thank you, Chris ! You surprised me.

Next gen consoles

I don’t have a PS3, but I have bought a copy of Japanese VF5 and played it on my friend’s PS3 (at 720p), I think it is nothing spectacular (in terms of graphics), don’t know much about the improvement on the gameplay for sure. The other one that I had tried is the downloadable GTHD, it is very nice, but not enough to persuade me to buy a system yet.

It is even worse for X360, not many titles have got me interested, may be Blue Dragon, but the game doesn’t seem to be interesting enough after watching my kid played it a while at a demo booth.

Guess I’ll wait a bit longer until there are games that worth buying a system.