Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Co-location fee has raised 40%

The ISP gave me a big surprise by telling me that the server co-location fee has just raised 50% for no real reason, then offered me a 18 months contracts for only a 40% raise, WTF !

My list of PS3 games so far

My collection of PS3 games
– GUNDAM Target in Sight (Asian, bundled or forced)
– Virtua Fighter 5 (JP)
– Gundum Mousou (JP)
– Ninja Gaiden Sigma (JP) + All add on packs
– Minna no golf 5 (JP)
– Shin Sangoku Mousou 5 (JP)
– Folklore (Asian, Chinese/English)
– Folks Soul (JP) + All add on packs
– Uncharted Drake’s Fortune (US)
– Ridge Racer 7 (JP)
– PS3 LocoRoco on PSN

Happy 2008 !

2007 is a super busy but not very fruitful year for me, 2008 should be much better.

Wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2008 !