Monthly Archive for May, 2009

Razer Mamba

Bought one recently, the packaging is very nice, the finishing of the charging dock and the mouse is top notch. The shape matches very well with my hand. I like its wireless/wired dual mode capability that I don’t have to be wired when I don’t need the highest precision and lowest latency.

Beer and the economic turmoil

Doesn’t look like there are any effect on the prices of the beers that I like, some even had a increase in price than discounts.

It is Hoegaarden, I usually buy it at HK$8.9 from a neighboring supermarket before, but it’s price has been raised to HK$13.8 recently. I had stopped buying it since then. It had been in the market for a while, don’t know how the distributor suddenly thinks it worth that much more.

Doesn’t changed much for my other favourites, e.g. Duvel, Chimay, Maisel’s Weisse.

FreeBSD 7.2

It was released even before I have time to upgrade my servers to 7.1.

FreeBSD 7.2 official announcement

Company of Heroes – Company of Patches

Bought the gold edition of COH recently, I’ll never understand why the patches system is so disgustingly clumsy. Before I can even start a single player game, I have to go through patches after patches, wasting a lot of time in downloading the huge patches. Couldn’t Relic just allow people to use the disc to play a single player game peacefully than being forced to download patches after patches for hours (on usual ADSL) ?

The worse thing happens when you install the game, patched it and then found that you need an install in addition to the key of Opposing Fronts. Installing Opposing Fronts will net you an old version of the tree and you need to apply the patches again.

It might be my first and my last PC game from Relic. I can stand with frequent patches on open sourced software, but not commercial products, especially not for games that should be for fun.