Monthly Archive for November, 2009

FreeBSD 8.0 released

Talked on upgrading about 11 months ago, but didn’t have time. It is already 8.0. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it before 2010.

Bayonetta, the game that sold me an X360 Elite

Read from the net that it is much much better than the PS3 version (that I have played around 30 hours), I’ve bought a X360 Elite, finally, because of Bayonetta.

The first impression was the much clearer cut scenes, and much much faster loading (after installing to hard disk). But the game play didn’t  have a large difference in terms of smoothness. X360 version does perform better but not night and day. A 360 for just this game doesn’t seem to be a good choice, yet.

Hopefully the difference will be more later.

update: After 13 hours on X360 version, I’d say both has stuttering moments, sometimes the PS3 feels better, the X360 is overall smoother, but I prefer the Dual Shock 3.

update2: After 75 hours on X360 version, I’d say it is the definitive version ! But PS3 port is still worth it if you don’t have a 360.

update3: This is THE action game of the generation.

update4: Unlocked Jeanne.