Monthly Archive for July, 2010

Google Chrome, the fastest browser in the world

Started using it since it was first released, never disappointed me a bit, blazing fast and performance increases with every update.

FireFox is playing catch up so far, IE, …, forget about it. Safari, more like an alien when not on the Mac, and with Apple’s arrogance and always in denial when there is a problem, who would trust their products.

灰羽連盟 Blu-ray BOX

灰羽連盟 Blu-ray BOX

One of my very favourite anime in Blu-ray.

edit: The picture quality is just average, just like an up-scaled DVD and that’s all. Not worth buying !!!

Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP, still playing it at least 3-4 times a week

The save game says 272 hours, hand-held console is so convenient when you just want to pick-up and play. Finished each and every missions (include all the released DLCs), still couldn’t complete all weapons for both the tank and the soldiers.

The next game that will take similar amount of time from me may be Sudoku on PSP that I started playing recently.