Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Finished The 3rd Birthday, and started Valkyria Chronicles 3

118+ hours, 18 clears, got all weapons, costumes and their view mode. Can be considered complete.

Next up: Valkyria Chronicles 3

Parasite Eve

It is one of my most loved series, aside from Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, and games from Team ICO. The 3rd Birthday is a great action game on the PSP, but the story is just too non-appealing. I guess the scenario writer of the game didn’t have much in his head for the series. PE and PE2 were both great IMHO, and I like the concept of the series very much. The PSP game has nothing like the old ones, though.

So much for the Shadow Hearts series

Listening to the OSTs of SH, SH2, and SHFTNW got me thinking that there will be no hope for a new or even a re-release.

The Shadow Hearts series will be remembered.