Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Valkyria Chronicles 3 PSP, all medals

Almost 237 hours.

4th dose of Single Malt Scotch

Macallan Sherry Oak 18 years

Lagavulin is still the best so far, the last one “Macallan Fine Oak 15 years” is not quite there. Hope this Sherry Oak 18 years is better.

Japan crisis and the people

It is not easy for the people to be so tolerant, especially in such a hard time. Be brave, be strong, Japanese people.

Couldn’t imagine if the same thing happen in my region, people would have gone crazy everywhere.

Today’s a bad day for Japan

Earth quake and the Tsunami, my prayers are with you.

DLC of Valkyria Chronicles


– Hard-EX, 300 YEN
– Edy sub-squad, 600 YEN
– Selvaria’s missions, 800 YEN
– Edy challenges, 300 YEN

TotalĀ  2000 YEN


– 100 YEN x 21

Total 2100 YEN


– 3 x (600 YEN scenario + 200 YEN mission) so far

Already 2400 YEN, I am pretty sure that there WILL be more coming, how much does SEGA want to charge the fans ?