Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Tomato USB Victek’s RAF mod

Works great on my brand new E3000, flashed directly from the stock firmware and working great !

Thank you Victek and Teddy Bear.

The HDD of my TZ31XN/B has died

A few days to the end of its 2nd year, the 1.8″ HDD died.

Bought a KingSpec 64G SSD, but it is so damn slow (0.5-0.6MB/s for 4K random writes). I would not recommend anyone to go with it. There are be better alternatives at similar price.

PSN still down in HK

Fuck you SCEH and whoever responsible for the loooooong outage. You better close down the sympathetic HK PSN and get lost. Give me back my money on PSN+.