Monthly Archive for September, 2011

ICO/Wander and the Colossus collection

Got mine on 22nd Sep, played through ICO twice and now playing Wander and the Colossus.

They remind me of the old days, ICO is such a beautiful game. SOTC feels a bit better than the original overall (especially on its framerate).

Enjoying every moment with them, and looking forward to 3D mode after getting Sony’s HMD before end of this year.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Riela and Imca Nendroid figures

Seen both of them (2 x each)  at a local store, but decided against buying them since the bonus PSP mission code would not be in any of them.

Bought Nendroid Riela after knowing that the code is a feature of the standard product. The crow bar (after beating the Ace and the mission) is the strongest anti-tank “Explosive sword” type weapon.

PS3 data transfer utility … extreeeeeemely slow

Bought  a new Classic White 320G PS3 (3012B LW) , have started transferring for almost 6 hours, still at 67% …

edit: finally done after transferring for almost 10 hours.