Monthly Archive for November, 2015

NETGEAR R7000 and Tomato

Bought myself a brand new NETGEAR R7000 to replace my old LinkSys E3000, tested for a day, then tried the Tomato mods on it.

Victek’s RAF Tomato mod with all my usual settings resulted in a iptables script error and no access to Internet. (Didn’t bother to solve that my own, although I am also a *nix guy)

Back to Genie (Original firmware), but missed all the stuffs that I had with Tomato, decided to try Tomato once more with Shibby’s mod.

Shibby’s mod on R7000 is running without a hitch, no more iptables script error. I am gonna run it for a few more days before deciding whether to go back to Genie (most likely to stick with Shibby’s mod, though, it is pretty stable).