Today’s a bad day for Japan

Earth quake and the Tsunami, my prayers are with you.

DLC of Valkyria Chronicles


– Hard-EX, 300 YEN
– Edy sub-squad, 600 YEN
– Selvaria’s missions, 800 YEN
– Edy challenges, 300 YEN

Total  2000 YEN


– 100 YEN x 21

Total 2100 YEN


– 3 x (600 YEN scenario + 200 YEN mission) so far

Already 2400 YEN, I am pretty sure that there WILL be more coming, how much does SEGA want to charge the fans ?

Valkyria Chronicles 3, finished 1st play through after 85+ hours

Looks like it will take at least 200 play hours to complete, much like Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Edit: Clocked 166+ hours, almost done with all the missions.

Edit1: Clocked 171+ hours, still a couple of medals to go

Finished The 3rd Birthday, and started Valkyria Chronicles 3

118+ hours, 18 clears, got all weapons, costumes and their view mode. Can be considered complete.

Next up: Valkyria Chronicles 3

Parasite Eve

It is one of my most loved series, aside from Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, and games from Team ICO. The 3rd Birthday is a great action game on the PSP, but the story is just too non-appealing. I guess the scenario writer of the game didn’t have much in his head for the series. PE and PE2 were both great IMHO, and I like the concept of the series very much. The PSP game has nothing like the old ones, though.

So much for the Shadow Hearts series

Listening to the OSTs of SH, SH2, and SHFTNW got me thinking that there will be no hope for a new or even a re-release.

The Shadow Hearts series will be remembered.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 PSP demo available

It is available on PSN or you can download it directly from

(Scroll to the end of page, click the centered bigger blue link  will start the download)

【「戦場のヴァルキュリア3 体験版をダウンロードする】

Shadow Hearts … HD port … a hope

After the release of GOW/GOWII, and the announcements of Sly cooper and ICO/SOTC, my looking forward to is the Shadow Hearts series, it is one of the series that is always on my mind, as much as ICO/SOTC or the Silent Hill(s), but it looks like the chance is very very slim since the team was disbanded.

ICO/SOTC HD versions on PS3

As many of you long time fans of Fumito Ueda’s works might have known, the collection is going to be released in 2011. I expect it is a bit more than the GOW/GOW2 collection and I’ll definitely buy it in a heart beat.

Looking forward to “The Last Guardian” next year.

My other favourites are still not quite there, e.g. the Silent Hill series. The Shadow Hearts series is dead since the team was dissolved and the company is not going to do anything about the series.

USB 3.0 Experiment

Had tried a couple of USB 3.0 cards and devices recently, tested with Kingston Value SSD 128GB


1. SYBA USB 3.0 PCI-E 1x adaptor

2. Transcend USB 3.0 PCI-E 1x adaptor

3. UNITEK ExpressCard/34 USB 3.0 adaptor

4. UNITEK 2.5″ SATA to USB 3.0 case

5. SNT 2.5″ SATA to USB 3.0 case

6. Seagate GoFlex SATA USB 3.0 adaptor


#1 – Power supply to the devices are weak in the first try, exchanged and still suffer from the same weak supply problem (supplier claimed that they have fixed the problem by adjusting the components)

#2 – Works normally, and it is the one inside my PC

#3 – Must use external power supply if the device is not self-powered, similar cases for the other brands, prepare to use power adaptor cables to supply extra juice to the card for ExpressCard/34 USB 3.0 adaptors

#4 – Supplied cable is a bit too long, have to be plugged to the card directly (not working when there was an USB 3.0 extension cable), the craftsmanship of the PCB is not in high quality, it uses USB 3.0 B to A  type USB 3.0 adaptor cable, even with enough power, there are intermittent disconnects and reconnects once in a while

#5 – Similar situation as #4, but it uses A type USB 3.0 port and A to A type USB 3.0 adaptor cable (NOTE: do not plug a USB 2.0 cable to the rear port of the HDD case)

#6 – Works normally with or without an USB 3.0 extension cable, perfectly stable

Transcend USB 3.0 PCI-E 1x adaptor & Seagate GoFlex SATA USB 3.0 adaptor are the only ones working perfectly so far.